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Third Quarter 2013 Market Report

The McBride Market Report Washington DC – Third Quarter 2013 Space Wave It’s often said that life is cyclical. I believe it’s more wavelike. By nature, waves ( are defined by their repeating rhythm as they swing from trough to top in terms of size and frequency. In the water, wave shapes echo the sea…

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McBride Real Estate Services, Inc. Negotiates Lease For Uber’s New DC Offices

McBRIDE REAL ESTATE SERVICES INC. NEGOTIATES LEASE FOR UBER’S NEW DC OFFICES Washington, DC – McBride Real Estate Services, Inc. has completed negotiations for Uber’s new Washington, DC office lease. Uber was represented by Richard McBride and Luke Joyce of McBride Real Estate Services, Inc. and Matthew Gannon of Vornado/Charles E. Smith represented the landlord.…

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Renewals – What to Expect

If your lease is nearing the end and your office is in the Washington area, you’ve probably heard from a whole host of real estate brokers about how much money they can save you if you were to renew your lease. Some, who don’t yet even know the details of your lease, might even promise…

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