Case Studies

Bloomberg, L.P.

Mr. McBride represented this New York based media company in the relocation of its Washington, DC bureau into 25,000 square feet on the top 2 floors of 1399 New York Avenue, NW. Mr. McBride was awarded this prestigious assignment based upon his tenant representation and analysis skills, as well as his strong IT and telecom background. Subsequently, Mr. McBride has been representing Bloomberg, L.P. in the acquisition of office and telecom space in 4 other national markets.

Host Marriott Services Corporation

Mr. McBride was the project team leader of 5 agents, responsible for all phases of the negotiation, planning and relocation of this client’s corporate headquarters. In addition to coordinating the project team in the search for alternative locations in three states, and in overseeing the selection of architects and in the construction negotiation and build-out of its new headquarters, he spearheaded running all of the negotiations and analysis for this transaction. Subsequent to their 1997 relocation, Mr. McBride has successfully assisted with HMSC in two expansions totaling over 100,000 square feet and in the subleasing of their future growth space.

Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox

For over 15 years, Mr. McBride provided real estate services to this Washington, D.C. based law firm. In addition to negotiating for 80,000 square feet of new space in 2001, Mr. McBride represented this firm in 2 relocations and 3 expansions. Mr. McBride also sublet their expansion space on several occasions.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)

Mr. Evans and Mr. Shandler represented TEPCO, the largest Japanese power producer, during the lease renewal and renovation of its Washington, DC office. They were awarded this assignment based upon their extensive background representing other Japanese based organizations.

North American Management (NAMBCO)

Mr. Evans, in his second transaction representing NAMBCO, relocated NAMBCO’s headquarters office from a Class C building in Alexandria, VA to a Class A building in Arlington, VA. Mr. Evans was responsible for securing a low cost sublease opportunity that upgraded NAMBCO’s visibility.

International Union For The Conservation Of Nature (IUCN)
IUCN retained Mr. Shandler to help them relocate to a more efficient U.S. headquarters in Washington D.C.  In addition to locating an efficient full-floor opportunity which enabled IUCN to lease less square footage, Mr. Shandler negotiated a cash concession from IUCN’s existing landlord, which asked them to relocate prior to their lease expiration to accommodate a larger tenant’s expansion needs.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAIDSF)

Mr. Spencer represented the EGPAIDSF during their initial establishment of a Washington, DC office and their subsequent expansion of 12,000 square feet. Because their building was unable to accommodate their rapid growth, Mr. Spencer secured a Subtenant for EGPAIDSF, relocated their office to a neighboring building, and negotiated favorable expansion options for future growth. Mr. Spencer performed the needs assessment, locate all viable options, assemble an architecture team, contractors, negotiate the lease, and coordinate the move, all resulting in a significant savings to  EGPAIDSF.