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Washington DC Year End 2013

The McBride Market Report Washington DC Year End 2013 Growing Pains: New Development + Tepid Demand The final quarter of 2013 saw growth on multiple levels: inventory, absorption and vacancy. 1.7 Million square feet of office space was added to the Washington, DC Metro Area inventory, which now consists of 10,000 buildings totaling of over […]

Third Quarter 2013 Market Report

The McBride Market Report Washington DC – Third Quarter 2013 Space Wave It’s often said that life is cyclical. I believe it’s more wavelike. By nature, waves ( are defined by their repeating rhythm as they swing from trough to top in terms of size and frequency. In the water, wave shapes echo the sea […]

Washington DC Year End 2012

Closing 2012 with a Slower, Bumpy Ride When you’re driving off-road, slowing down is the best way to navigate hazards without destroying your suspension. Of course, the kind of vehicle you’re driving also makes a huge difference in the ease at which you can make your way through the tough spots. Fortunately for the Washington, […]

Washington DC 2nd Quarter 2012

Savoring the Sweet Spot At some point in every market shift there’s usually a “Sweet Spot” where opportunities exist before the market adjusts its pricing. Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy had an uncanny sense for finding the Sweet Spot on the trading floor of the Commodities Exchange as they bested the Duke Brothers in “Trading […]



Who We Are

The mission of McBride Real Estate Services, Inc. (MRES) is to provide real estate solutions that champion our clients’ business objectives. We are not a typical “brokerage” firm. Rather, we are a flexible organization, consisting of seven senior real estate professionals driven to provide our clients with the best solutions at the best value. Our partners’ backgrounds include work in the legal, financial, construction and architecture sectors, plus an average real estate experience level exceeding 10 years. The advantages MRES clients enjoy are: customized solutions, access to the best professionals for every phase of a project and the personal attention of the company’s principals.

Our size is our strength. The core of MRES remains small on purpose. Having worked for companies of various sizes in our past professional lives, we have found that a strong, small team with complementary skill sets is able to provide the best services and maintain the best relationships with our clients. However, our core size does not limit the depth of our services. Rather than having a large organization with weak links in several service areas, we are able to provide the best professionals for every phase of a project through our strategic alliances. MRES is able to support our clients with the resources of almost 200 employees for all key planning, transaction and implementation areas as described in Our Services. Furthermore, we are able to flexibly staff a project in any location utilizing the ideal team to deliver the customized solution.

In our hearts, MRES is a Tenant Representation firm first and foremost. That being said, we provide a full complement of real estate services to support our tenant clients. These include: representing our clients in the acquisition and disposition of leased and owned facilities, lease audits, lease administration, strategic planning, enterprise integration and project management for a wide variety of real estate projects.

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