Bloomberg Industry Group

Case Study

Corporate Real Estate Services

1101 K Street, NW – 30,000 SF1875 K Street, NW – 16,000 SFWashington, DC


Immediate Space Needed for New 30,000 SF Business Unit

Growth Space Likely but Uncertain

Metro Wide Search

Locate in Separate Space or Consolidate with Existing Business?

Retain Flexibility for Future Growth


Simultaneous Negotiations for Separate & Consolidated Facilities

Support Related Startup Entity with Flexible, Short-Term Solution

Explore Market from Frederick, MD to Springfield, VA


Initial Short Term Startup Space in 1875 K  “Plug & Play” Sublet; then,

Move New Business Unit to New Space at 1101 K St, NW;

Renew Existing Business Unit in Place

Co-terminus Lease Terms to Facilitate Future Consolidation

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