Case Study

Non-Profit Real Estate Services

2099 Pennsylvania Avenue, N W – 12,000 SF (from 20,000 SF)Washington, DC


GAVI Alliance had experienced rapid growth in their Washington DC Office and relocated to larger space.  Within two years of moving, GAVI’s Board restructured the organization and relocated a majority of DC’s staff to their Geneva HQ.  The DC office was  challenged with rightsizing their space with minimal out of pocket expenses,


Sublet excess space with aggressive, targeted marketing.  Identify marketable portions of the existing space to be demised with minimal disruption to GAVI.  Generate additional savings through architectural efficiencies in new space & leverage favorable lease terms, including converting rental abatement to improvement dollars.  In the end, GAVI leased space in a premier building and location with concessions covering 100% of all construction and relocation costs.


Identifying and leveraging competing buildings with a large amount of vacancy and therefore willingness to be flexible with deal structure was essential.  Understanding the motivations with whom we are negotiating can be as important as understanding our client’s needs.  Successful negotiations requires establishing the correct parameters before negotiations commence.

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