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National Real Estate Services

100 William,  New York, NY 15,000 SF5870 Trinity Pkwy,  Centreville– 20,000 SF2900 Crystal Dr. , Arlington – 15,000 SF70 Westview, Boston – 20,000 SF


NYC Based Defense Contractor with 8, older locations across US, including Boston, Arlington, Centreville & Dayton. Required Improved presence near Client (DoD) including new lab & SCIF space. Project schedules must fit Budget, Clearance Certifications & Contract constraints.


Multi-year, phased strategy to reduce NYC footprint, relocate assets to Arlington, grow Centreville & Boston locations. Maximize Concessions to offset Construction and Move Costs. Shrink & move NYC. Grow & move Arlington; Negotiate regular, short-term renewals & expansions in Centreville & Boston


Secure space for Government Contracts is expensive and very long lead-time. Limiting office moves to 1 major location per 2-3 years while accommodating growth in-place has helped this client afford to double in size over the past 10 years while improving profitability.

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