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Case Study

Financial Services

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One of the largest, most successful waterfront developments in the nation required funding for the 2nd phase of construction. Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) wanted to build a CRE loan portfolio and PNC Hoffman was searching for >$1B of  construction financing.


McBride’s relationships created an opportunity to introduce PenFed to PN Hoffman (developer) and Goldman Sachs (lead lender for the construction financing). We helped create a new relationship for a lender with no track record in a very large transaction with the world’s largest private bank. Leveraging our lengthy experience in many facets of the CRE industry and relationships built upon decades of trust was key to guiding  PenFed in a successful transaction.


Developing a full understanding of all of the facets of our industry, combined with relationships built on decades of trust allow for the McBride Team to deliver results in areas beyond our daily focus. The McBride Team enabled PenFed to build a CRE finance unit by leveraging our relationships with institutional investors, resulting in over one billion dollars of closed loans.

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