Case Study

Corporate Real Estate Services

1920 N Street, NW – 15,000 SF1875 Connecticut Ave, NW – 25,000 SF1717 Rhode Island Ave, NW  - 75,000 SFWashington, DC


Industry Disrupting Company required a real estate plan to provide growth from 3 employees in an English Basement to their Long-Term East Coast HQ. Total growth needs were uncertain. Separate facilities for supporting space and new business units may or may not be co-housed at HQ.  Delivery Speed and Minimal Cash Outlay is Critical to keep up with Accelerating Growth.


Satisfy Initial Growth through short term, “as-is” lease, then move into ‘interim space requiring minimal improvements. Project multiple growth rate and occupancy density scenarios to frame potential long term space needs. Negotiate for space to accommodate HQ with options to expand, contract or terminate. Sublease interim space following move to HQ.


Future uncertainty requires nimble strategy shifts and flexible thinking. Sometimes new tools must be created for new challenges. We invented a growth/space density matrix to project multiple size solutions to solve for various rates of growth and usage density, then delivered a solution with options to expand, contract or terminate plus Concessions to offset Construction and Move Costs.

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