Case Study

Non-Profit Real Estate Services

1140 Connecticut Ave, NW – 15,000 SFWashington, DC


The US Soccer Foundation was challenged to provide for its steady growth as its needs increased inexorably.  Their offices needed to reflect their mission of bringing soccer to underserved communities, provide for events, collaborative spaces and sublease space for mission friendly organizations.


In our 2nd move and 5th lease negotiation on behalf of USSF, we generated a multi-building “bidding war” between competing locations. Ultimately, USSF leased the entire top floor in their preferred location while receiving concessions to cover all construction and move costs. Further, USSF received additional rental abatement to offset the cost of subleasing internal growth space.


Creating and maintaining a bidding dynamic between competing locations is essential for maximizing concessions extracted from landlords. If growth space is required, subleasing risk can be minimized through aggressive marketing and applying a portion of landlord concessions.

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