According to one of the world’s largest financial media companies: Once again, we were all so impressed with how well thought-out, built and designed your model is. I personally much prefer it to the larger-firm models (which – while impressive – sort of look like as unfriendly as an electric wiring diagram for a house)”.

Tenant Representation

Tenant representation is the heart of our practice. The McBride team approaches every assignment with the objective of delivering the optimal real estate solution to advance our clients’ business objectives. During the process, McBride team performs as an extension of our clients’ facilities Whether we’re assisting a client in a renewal or relocation of their leased facilities, or just advising them to wait until we’re able to maximize their leverage, we live to find ways create value for our clients.

Tenant Representation services include acquiring and disposing of leased and owned facilities, as well as lease renegotiation.

Financial Analysis

McBride is known for its industry-leading financial analyses. Unlike our competitors, we do not use generic, off the shelf, “cookie cutter” software to describe the financial impact of real estate transactions. Rather, we generate customized analyses on behalf of our clients to accurately frame our client’s perspective and focus on the deal specifics most important to their business success. In addition to financial analyses, McBride has developed a suite of proprietary analytical tools to assist our clients in planning and decision making, including programming, growth, flexibility, and sales vs leasing scenarios.

Project Management

We find that a significant amount of value created for our clients occurs after the lease is signed and construction starts. While many brokers in our industry feel their job is done upon lease execution, the McBride team remains engaged through the completion of all improvements, moves, etc. In addition to being personally involved, McBride draws upon its experience and relationships within the real estate industry to assemble “dream teams” of the best professionals for each project. We utilize our hard-earned, vetted list of project managers, architects, and specialty consultants, including Lighting, A.V., Furniture, IT, etc. to fit the needs and budgets of our clients.

Proprietary Tool Belt

McBride has developed a suite of industry-leading, proprietary analytical tools to assist our clients in assessing their needs, aligning space utilization with projected growth, and evaluating the financial impact of varying scenarios. Our financial analyses have been verified by some of the largest corporations in the US to be the best in the commercial real estate industry.

Our proprietary analytical tools include: customized financial projections of lease costs; purchase vs. lease analysis; space calculator (estimating clients’ needs based on varying density); growth projection matrix (size solutions based upon various rates of growth and density of usage); consolidation analysis (projecting needs based upon varying space usage and percentage of ‘hot desks’); termination fee calculator.